The Biomimetics-Congress "Patents from Nature" usually takes place every two years and has been held on the premises of Bremen University of Applied Sciences since its 7th edition in 2004. The symposium is a joint event of the Society for Technical Biology and Bionics (GTBB), BIOKON e.V. and the Biomimetics- Innovation-Center (B-I-C) of the Bremen University of Applied Sciences.
Unfortunately, the congress in 2020 had to be cancelled due to Corona. In spring 2023, the 10th Bionics Congress will take place in Bremen.

Proceedings of previous congresses can be obtained from the GTTB e.V. website.

As part of the scientific poster presentations during the congress, the GTBB e.V. will award a certificate and prize money for the GTBB poster prize. In addition, congress participants will select one poster for the GTBB's Audience Poster Award. This honor is also associated with a certificate and prize money. 

As part of the evening event of the congress in the large ballroom of the historic Bremen City Hall, the award ceremony for the "International Bionic Award", which is presented every two years by the Schauenburg Foundation, will also take place in cooperation with the Association of German Engineers VDI e.V.. In 2010, this was won by the two ISB graduates Marcus Hollermann and Felix Förster with their concepts for bio-inspired fastening systems (dowels) modeled on the tick.